The following Activity Rules and Regulations are to be followed and observed strictly by practitioners at Tu Quang Zen Monastery.

In Living Quarters:

1. Decorations in the rooms are to be kept at a minimum in order not to disrupt the natural environment of the Center.
2. Munching, eating snacks and/or drinking beverages in the rooms is not allowed.
3. Gossiping, picking on each other, trivial talk and jokes in the rooms is not allowed.
4. Apart from listening to the Sutras, listening to music, the radio or news in the rooms is not recommended.
5. Reading newspapers, magazines or novels are not recommended. Reading sutras and meditation books is recommended.
6. Minimize creating noise in the rooms in order to observe the tranquility of the surroundings.
7. During the rest hour in the afternoon, strictly avoid creating loud noise.
8. Wake up and get up on time. Respect the schedule of the group.
9. Do not sleep beyond the designated hours for sleeping.

In the Meditation Hall

1. Bow upon entering the meditation hall to show respect to the Buddha.
2. Try not to talk in the Meditation Hall.
3. Dress in the monastic robe before entering the Meditation Hall.
4. Keep the meditation cushions in the Meditation Hall in alignment with each other.
5. During any session when a sutra is chanted, one should try to bow simultaneously with other practitioners.
6. When chanting the sutra, one should try to synchronize one's voice with other practitioners and try to keep in tune with the group.
7. During the meditation session, if one feels numbness in the legs, one should slowly extend and relax the legs; however one should avoid to create noise.
8. After relaxing one's legs, one should try to sit still or resume meditation until the session is over.

In the Dinning Hall:

1. Wear proper attire.
2. Talking is not allowed during meals.
3. Be mindful while eating.

During the Work Hour:

1. Practitioners should participate and try to accomplish their assigned task.
2. Be generous to others and always lend a helping hand whenever needed.
3. Observe safety rules.
4. Keep the noise level to a minimum to preserve peace and tranquility.

Additional Rules to Observe:

1. Smoking is prohibited within the facility.
2. Permission is required upon leaving the center
3. No visitors allowed after 5:00 p.m.

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